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We are an in-house marketing agency that caters to all your marketing efforts both traditional and digital

Our Services

We deliver a great blend of design, event management, and marketing expertise to provide our clients with comprehensive and exceptional solutions for their business needs.

Digital Marketing

Get your brand story heard and engage your target audience across social media and the entire digital landscape

Event Management

Enjoy a stress-free event with our experienced events management and production team.

Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

Use our network of renowned public relations experts and influencers to reach wider audiences and create global brand awareness with our custom state-of-the-art campaigns.

Design and Creative Solutions

Make your business stand out from the competition with our creative and design-centred solutions that will position your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

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How we work

We believe in a collaborative and client-centric approach that ensures the success of every project we undertake. Our working methodology is designed to provide our clients with a seamless and enjoyable experience, while delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. Here's a breakdown of how we work:


Design takes time. A lot of time. For each concept that we present, there are hours of experimenting and testing that happens behind the scenes in order to discover the best solutions for your business.


After many years of doing this, we have a good awareness of how our skills match up within the industry. And we are proud of the streamlined processes that we've developed in order to serve our clients well.


Marketing and design makes, a big impact on your business - from building stronger connections with your audience to increasing revenue. Whatever you may invest in a project, we expect you to make that investment back because of our work together!

What our clients say

Here is what companies we have worked with in the past have to say about us

"An Amazing Service"
Creating in house is an organized adaptable and dynamic team to work with. I like that they've taken the time to really get to know our vision and our brand, and have helped us elevate our content creation game The team is communicative, professional and works hard to understand our needs as a business. I would highly
Thai Thai
“One of a kind”
It has been a pleasure working with Creating In House. The young team of creatives are very talented and the contents produced by Creating In House are very nice and professional to global standards. Creating in House has brought out my creative side and I really appreciate the team. I can see a vast difference regarding my page, contents and engagement. I would highly recommend using Creating In House.